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Jordi Cohen Colldeforns


Jordi Cohen Colldeforns says:

It happens every year in Pamplona and 4 years ago I began to take pictures there. It is without doubt one of the great global concentrations Party (comparable to the Rio Carnival and Oktoberfest in Munich). More than 1 million people were given appointment for a week in a city of just 200,000. It all starts on July 6 at 12 noon with the famous Txupinazo. From that moment it sparks a kind of fit of collective madness and it begins the general chaos and collective binge will last until July 14 the same.

This photograph was taken one hour later than txupinazo began. The temperature had already risen and the alcohol levels was raging in the streets. Many peole are placed under the balconies in search of a refreshing shower, which is supplied by the residents of the place from their balconies. I lingered a while to shoot the picture, the truth is that in these years I've done a lot of shots and little to convince me, possibly because the Capa Principle and my obsession with being very close to the subject. I went with my 16-35mm, a fact that made some photographers were complaining that I get too close and sometimes they gourd (some even told me "buy a Tele!"). Apart from the principal boy of the photo, I noticed the background, with a wig style Jakson Five. "

Anena Burger


Anena Burger says:

Frankly Jordi, I am of the opinion that this photograph should have taken first prize. Well done. Excellent composition and rich colours.

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